Going further and further down…..

I shall be perfectly honest, straightforward and blunt here in what I am going to do, but I won’t elaborate at all on why I am doing so. This is meant to inform you people in case you all think I’m in trouble because I’m not online. (I am online for tremendous amounts of time so it probably isn’t normal to see me offline) The reasons behind this are too complicated for me to express in words right now (I think I’d even take hours to explain this fully to someone else), and I can say the previous blog post was really only a small tip of everything I’ve been thinking about. The only summarised (and generalised) reason I can give now is encapsulated in my finger note 5: “The ironies and paradoxes of life…..”, that’s the crux of everything which appears rather simplistic and misguided.

I will very shortly embark upon something which I am lazy to provide a name for. This something bears the fundamental concept of forgetting everything that has happened and is happening, as well as focussing myself on other aspects of life. What this entails, then, is that I will slowly but steadily detach myself from the world, perhaps to discover myself further.

The method that I have thought of involves purposeful isolation… by cutting off essential modes of communication with others. I’ve been thinking quite a bit over how I should go about doing this, and have weighed in certain factors (like how I am then going to maintain channels of communication when required). I’ll go about it by doing this:

– Quit ISC by Monday next week (too addictive, so ASAP)
– Quit MSN by end of next week (if I am required for work/ discussions/ whatever, drop me an SMS and I will appear offline)
– Close blog by end of next week (ties in with what I’ve been thinking about blogs over the past months)
– Quit Scrabble by Michael’s mini (or at most Causeway), quite a sad ending after I just joined SA. Maybe I’ll return next year to make the money worth it =p. Note maybe.

Warning – Don’t think it would be easy to change what I am going to do with simple persuasion. If you attempt to dissuade me from whatever I am about to do, then I will ask a rather basic question – is this (whatever you are trying to change) for yourself or for me? Think about it.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06 (Venture Standard =D)

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