Goodbye all.

I shall fade away in peace. Thanks all for letting me off (I know this when I read blog posts and don’t know what half of them are talking about =D=D). Might be back sometime soon after I sort my thoughts out (the time may never come….). Meanwhile, if you do require me to be online to discuss work/talk/just be online, call or SMS me. I will appear offline. And after today, I’ll uninstall ISC from my computer. Back to other computer games (CS, DOTA, Hearts, Minesweeper and the most recent one – FREECELL) XD.

I wonder how I will maintain communication with fellow Ventures. Email/SMS will suffice, I hope?

Thanks and farewell Kelvin. Enjoy your study abroad, and remember us, cos we’ll remember you. =) Hope to see you next year.

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