Scattered thoughts

Random thought 1

Dear Sec 3s,

after speaking in 3M today, I realise that your young minds need a breath of fresh air once in a while. Sometimes, we are so used to the suffocating intellectual conformity that when someone asks you to breathe, you look at her like she was insane… 15-year-olds with the eyes of old men without hope in life…tired.

Someone once told me that life is the search for our individual purpose — why each of us was put on earth for, so to speak. In our quest for learning, in performing well academically, do we sacrifice that notion of a search for individual spiritual purpose? Do you truly believe that you are here to score high marks for tests, be “successful” in the measure of our society, work, marry, have children, buy insurance, grow old, commit adultery (well, maybe), go on holidays, and die? Maybe you want to earn a lot of money. Is that your purpose in life? Was Man created to be cogs in our capitalist economic machinery? Your life is about finding your calling, not trying to adhere to an ideal which is defined by society. At the base of this search is faith – the God-like compassion which drives our actions.

When we pass away, have we added to this ephemeral notion of Humanity? Can we account for ourselves when we meet our Maker? I ask you this again — Why are you here?

I would ask that you see life with more faith and compassion — you will be less tired when you know the purpose of this journey.

Miss Ong Hong Ying

(Taken from Darrell’s blog)

Wonder how “ephemeral” this notion of humanity is, or will be though. I think it is difficult to redefine this given how everyone is so “educated” by such principles, and there is little alternative to this system that we are in. I find this perspective “Was Man created to be cogs in our capitalist economic machinery?” rather poignant, but largely relevant. Perhaps everyone should give greater thought to this.

Random thought 2

Read another inspiring article in Mandarin comparing 包容 and 自由. Intended to attempt a translation here but I guess I am too lazy. In basic terms I suppose it meant that sometimes 包容 can also be 自由. What I like is the article’s deviance from the societal norm, that is the definition of 自由 as “free from restraint”. How true.

Random thought 3

I’ve often wondered why I don’t put links to other people’s blogs on my own blog. I used to think that the main reason is because I don’t want to put stuff that I won’t use on my blog, but it’s not like I use the present links on my blog anyway. Besides, anyone who comes to my blog probably knows the URLs of my friends’ blogs. Maybe I should start linking?

Random thought 4

Interesting how the letters below on Word Verification spell XQZDBK. That’s 38 points, and missing the J. Terrible 6-letter rack though. Word Verification is irritating though when sometimes the letters aren’t even straight.

Random thought 5

I’ve often been thinking about why people blog and tell people on MSN (using conversations or nicknames) about their supposed angst and depression when they don’t even tell anyone why they are feeling down. Perhaps these people really need someone to talk to them?

Random thought 6

It is prudent to note how “unrandom”* randomness is.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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