Irregular Sleeping Hours

I’ve been sleeping at the strangest hours recently. Just 3 days ago, I had a super long afternoon nap from 5 to 12 pm (and was offline all the while), and woke up to find myself sleeping at 4 am later. Then 2 days, I had no short naps at all but slept at 1-2 am. Spent the day yesterday drifting between sleep and consciousness (what an apt portrayal of Frankenstein), then fell asleep promptly at 8+ pm after dinner (accidentally of course) and left my MSN on for the whole night. This is screwed (but probably the expected effects of DDR being reintroduced into my life, exercise is tiring) =(!

Sorry if I’m always away on MSN (and can’t respond to people asking me about stuff, or start any convos). Most of the time when I’m away I AM SLEEPING.

Sometimes when I want to comment on blog posts, I tell myself not to and close the window. Most of the time, it’s better not to be heard at all.

I notice I’m not creative enough. I can never plonk out all the required points (everytime she goes through the essay I always think I miss out at least 50% of what is supposed to be talked about) for a Literature Essay, yet I’m able to secure an A1 most of the time. Howso?

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06 (Activity starting in 1 and a half hour, better not Chin Kam)

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