Life redefined

I’ve received comments that my last two posts were very angsty. No choice but to agree for the 2nd last one, but the last one actually was a rather positive one. Ms. Gwee (or Ms. Choh, can’t remember who) asked how whether we were actually feeling happy with our lives, and I raised my hand after pondering for a few seconds. I AM rather satisfied with my life now, no matter how people may think it is actually quite sad (I wonder why though, is it because you people were trying to vent your frustration over the fact that you NEEDED MODERATION FOR THE LITERATURE A1? OK being very mean here but this proves my point that I don’t have a sad life).

I’m no longer bothered about the inaccuracy of results that comes with every test, for now it seems. At best, it gives me an avenue to boast about my HAHA-IF-I-GOT-THE-BONUS-5-I’D -HAVE-BEATEN-ALL-OF-YOU-SQUARELY-IN-THE-FACE-UPSIDE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT -DIAGONALLY (but of course, that’s the wrong attitude towards life). You see, taking things lightly works 100% of the time. Don’t have to be like a Shu Yuan (oopsies I AM taking things too far here) and whack people for every slightest INNUENDO they make towards you. A test is never an accurate portrayal of how proficient someone is. A 1 or 2 difference in grades might only mean that you are less suited to the questions asked in the paper. So why bother? Just do your best, and BE SATISFIED.

Have been listening to quite a bit of music recently, and I realise I have gotten quite addicted to 李圣杰’s 关于你的歌 (been hearing it for a few times on my bro’s com before I asked for the title), 手放开 and 王力宏’s 花田错 (his voice doesn’t feature that much here, its the cheena tune that’s addictive after you listen to it a few times). Don’t kill me if you don’t like them though.

Revisiting DDR (this is the perfect therapy for any forms of depression I am feeling), and I realise my fingers aren’t as quick as they used to be. I CAN EVEN FAIL WINTER AND DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO =(. But I’m sure I’ll get back there in about a week’s time. Jumping skills have dropped too, now getting D for Legend of Jumping. Downloaded Keyboard Collaboration III and I notice it’s quite quirky. I need more songs (perhaps Naruto, Senorita, Night of Fire so I can train at 9/5 speed XD… others include Data Drain, Seymour Battle, Vivid, will have to ask for them soon) I notice no one will understand but who cares!

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06 (hope the two representing HCI for ASPIRE will do a good job…)

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