Your resident easy opponent – catch me tomorrow!

One of the things which I used to find immense pride in doing was laughing at/jeering those “freaking muggers”, i.e. those who apparently spent/spend more time on others on studies to get better results, OR memorise the wrong stuff and end up with screwed results. Hey, the feeling of being naturally “brainier” is always appealing to people (I mean that’s why every goddamn person works so hard for this feeling). Boasting to others that “He mugged and got B4, I didn’t mug and got A1!” and showing your distaste for the “mugging spirit” that is commonly found here in our school usually comes with the self-satisfying feeling that you are naturally “smarter” than the other person and you don’t have to work hard to succeed (now this is a shabbily-expressed statement isn’t it? XD). So in the past (I still do now sometimes for some mandatory ego-boosts) I mocked people for studying! Like… “HAHAHA I pwned you at Chemistry even though I didn’t study as hard as you did! You sad case!” (See I had to include this to lament my own poor performances at Chemistry nowadays)

I believe this still occurs rather frequently in school. For example, when reading Li Ki’s (wonder if he reads this) blog, I chanced upon some Interesting Text. Pardon me for the small text, THIS IS LEFT UNCHANGED TO INFORM ALL YOU BLOGSPOT USERS THAT YOU SHOULD USE BIGGER FONTS OR PAY FOR MY 700+ DEGREE GLASSES, AND YES, I’M THAT BLIND =(:

General reader sentiments actually point towards a trend of mugger-haters.
But I maintain that I’m not a mugger and that anything that covers me covers everybody. Studying for tests=mugging.
TWO entirely different tiers, even though my blogging style may be rather offensive to SOME.

It’s very understandable. Party A tells Party B that he’s a mugger, and Party B defends himself saying that he’s not a mugger (whether he is or isn’t a thief, let’s not get into the finer details…). Going down to a simple battle of wits, Party A is telling Party B that he is “naturally” smarter than Party B, and Party B says he also possesses the inborn intelligence. Perhaps you are starting to see the irrationality behind this already.

Contemplating this from another persepective, what’s the big fuss over who’s “naturally” smarter? Does being naturally smarter make you, in reality, smarter in any way? It is amusing (of course looking retrospectively) to see how people are competing to see who’s lazier. There’s no real big deal about “doing well without studying”, in fact it proves that you are foolish enough to fall into this ego trap (I do too but I always take it with a pinch of salt, so don’t take my words too seriously). Instead of talking about how you’re lazier but smarter, why not work hard and let your results speak for themselves (if you really are so desperate for ego that is)? Either that, or don’t talk at all (and appear offline wootz).

You know, sometimes my blog posts are too imbalanced (as in I spend 50% of the discussion talking about 现象 and like 20% giving 建议, thus I get some 文不切题 or something). The most important part of what I always put forward are in fact the suggestions, so READ THAT PART. Don’t be fooled by my tendency to laugh at myself (AHAHAHA AHAHAHA the space is intentional to indicate a breath and by doing so make it sound more realistic) by talking about what I used to do.

Won’t be quitting Scrabble after Michael’s mini @ G8 (OK I admit that I just pressed the @ button and was looking for some place to place it), but I may consider quitting competitive Scrabble (reasons… hmm let me think of one). On the flipside, I’m actually wasting my membership fees. On the flip-flipside, I’ll waste more money going to Macdonalds at JGCC. On the flip-flip-flipside, I might actually win some money from competitions! On the flip-flip-flip-flipside, how to win money if I’m such a poor player? See my expression are so poor wOrXxXxX! You will probably find my blog if you do a Google search for “wOrXxXxX” now! I’m very flippant too!

Anyway, looking forward to a very very very (Is there any word to encapsulate 3 “very”s? Maybe you can find one that means 2 or 4 “very”s but not 3 HAHAHAHA LOSER. And by the way, an excerpt of the script for Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

“Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached…”

) tough mini: Expect Guan Hui, Suhaimi and Jason to get their revenge (and maybe revenges in Suhaimi’s case), Victor to go 3-0 on me and Jessie to go 2-0 on me. Dun bully n00bs plz kthx.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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