I’ve decided that since I have never ever tracked a game properly (and waste at least 8 seconds each move counting score), I need more practice in real life, especially since the lack of tracking has cost me games in tourneys. Hence, I’ll come for JG practice more regularly, and to spam games (not just watch). However, will be abstaining from the Sin Ming competition at least because I don’t want to let the RL inadequacies affect my rating as of yet.

I also realise my word knowledge sucks. Even if I actually remember every single word I observe I still won’t know much. GG, will probably take months or years for me to deserve a 1600. I need to tyco less and win more, and be very sure of my basic (words). No use gaining a free challenge with words when you’re gonna phony a 3 letter later. Need to start from the basics. Don’t even know my stems well enough, this is disgusting.

Lastly, there’s something horribly wrong with my strategy. As if opening a double double for Guan Hui after he had rather blatantly fished wasn’t bad enough. I think I’m some Bamse /Myrrhs /Adela in Scrabble, no strategy in real life or on ISC. Just playing to get the highest score I can get.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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