Empirical data:
1. I didn’t play soccer with the class today and form my Changi (Prison) FC TO OWN MARCUS’ TEAM.
2. I asked Yang Lao Shi for permission to listen to music while doing Chinese essay (while the rest were making disturbances which would have caused me to finish my essay half an hour later).
3. Just saw two primary schoolmates on the bus back, and I more or less dao-ed them other than some glances of acknowledgement (and they were blatantly talking about primary schoolmates and how seeing them had become more commonplace).
4. I walk too quickly (at least to home) and I suppose people think I’m some madman who spends 90% of his time stoning at home.
5. I have stopped watching movies to be thrifty (I wonder why I like to save) and only coop myself up with the interesting (only to me maybe) storylines of the WWE.
6. I’m not going for competitive Scrabble for the time being and for the main reason that I don’t want to count score/ track tiles!
7. I must say, I look rather nerdy in my school uniform. Maybe I look like a PRC. (thank goodness no one has mistaken me for one yet) Do I? XD
8. Sometimes, I choose to sit alone in class (as in with nobody beside me at all). Allows me more time to think and greater space to observe, but it’s the epitome of antisocialism in school =D. Come on lah, EVEN PRCs sit next to each other or something. (thinking about it, the PRC scholars in our iSpark batch this year are very friendly people)

This is PURE TESTAMENT to how antisocial I am. Man, I should go lock myself away in my room for what I’m doing (and thus become more antisocial XD). Nah, I’m joking, I don’t feel so regretful over being “antisocial” (looking from my own perspective) because how people look at me is not the number one priority that I have nowadays, though I have absolutely no idea what my priorities are.

Perhaps this will tell you something about how outward appearances matter a lot (maybe too much) to everybody though. And how reliable physical impressions actually are. Think about it.

May post up about the mini later.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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