Absolutely no offence

Something I received on MSN:

If you haven’t heard already, Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter that you see all the time on TV) died today on the 4th of September, on the Batt Reef, pierced by a stingray barb throught his heart near Cairns. As a sign of respect for the Australian cultural icon, please place a turtle ( tu ) at the Start of your MSN name, and forward this message on to others.

Some things that got me thinking (Of course, in all heartfelt appreciation of the Crocodile Hunter)
1) Why things are only appreciated when they are gone/ about to go (this is one of the examples, there are many others which I have forgotten)
2) Why some who have never watched his shows or known him well enough are placing the turtle on their nicknames (if you’d appreciate every person with character then why not permanently tribute to everybody who passes away)
3) Why nobody has bothered to replace the “died” with the much more pleasant-sounding “passed away” in passing the messages (unless I am the first to receive it which is highly unlikely)
4) Why a tribute must be outwardly shown, sometimes more than inwardly felt

As a result, the tortoise on my nickname is a token of gratitude to See Ming for his commitment to us (and the future batches of) Ventures. Thanks a zillion, we won’t let you down.

To think of it, my style of “philosophy” or so people call it is actually “ego-boosting”. I’m a cynic.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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