I was just taking a glance at the “Previous Posts” section of my blog and I realised

You see, this is complete madness. Who
1) Plays basketball without scoring
2) Talks about problems of causes when he’s identifying causes
3) Gets pissed on
4) Insists on having 1 valid word for a title
5) Explodes (Goblin Techies!)
6) Fires shots at nothing in Counter-Strike to inform opponents where he is
7) Knocks people down in his title (and for an undefined number!)
8) Laughs at his “Excellent” for Conduct (technically everybody under LohSJ got it)
9) Laughs at nothing too (and is 3/7 Santa!)
10) Talks about sleeping irregularly just before a Venture Activity

Therefore, I have decided to adopt a Politically Correct title for this post – no title.

OK I am really really too bored (and lame).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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