After today’s conversation that has kept me up so late (ok I’m lying, I don’t know what keeps me up actually, perhaps IT IS THIS BLOG OH NOES I SHOULD GET IT CLOSED):

1. I respect secrecy, but don’t endorse it (even on a personal scale, I will try to be as open as possible).

2. I don’t tell lies (not even white lies) when serious but I avoid the truth when it is painful. I respect secrecy but not untruths.

3. I tell emotions easily but appear to show little regard for them. Truth be told, I find myself pressing Shift + Home, then Delete very often. If I am truly direct, it’ll be painful.

4. If you ask people, I’m one of the atonies (niaoest) people around but only to those who can take it… of course not a direct niao-er but indirectly, very much so. =)

5. When I’m not serious, I can be mad. Just like I am now.

6. When people call others hypocrites, it’s not surprising how they are themselves one. I’m not excluded, so everybody can bask in the glory of being a hypocrite =D.

7. When I don’t know enough, I decline to comment (or give answers which are as good as no answers).

8. I suppose I’ve publicised enough about myself observing a lot. Problem is, I don’t say enough to prove it. Usually I keep quiet unless something pops up. I’m boring =D.

9. Solitaire means the world to me. It’s the only game I’ve found that completely displaces you from emotion. Even DDR can’t (DDR is more of escapism rather than displacement, too little time to think as you gotta react to the notes coming by. The music is nice though – BANYA OWNS). DOTA doesn’t too as you have to meet people (and this often sets you thinking). I’ve wanted to do some review thing of the games I play and rate them for “therapy”. Damn, Solitaire clinches first hands down (for someone like me that is).

10. Sometimes apathy is the greatest quality anyone can possess. I’m thinking so now at least.

11. It is beautiful to note how every single thing can be said in a few sentences. At the same time, it is unnerving to observe that misunderstandings (of true, perhaps underlying meanings) happen all the time, more frequently than understandings occur.

12. After looking around, I have to say that I hate all the different absolute classifications of people. All the MBTI, introvert/ extrovert thing, inferiority/ superiority complex stuff. Real life character analysis is never as simple/absolute as analysing let’s say Macbeth/ John Proctor, neither is solving interpersonal problems as simple as Math (not saying Math is easy because I get owned frequently nowadays). Come on, neither Shinglee Additional Math textbooks nor Shakespeare focus on body language for one.

13. I need to do my homework instead of mulling over this piece of crap that I won’t think about anyway.

14. This whole chunk used to be a wall of text before I added line spacings between each number. Imagine its readability if I didn’t add those in.

15. Wow. Li Wei blogs really fast, he threw in an entry so quickly (while I am still adding on to this junkyard). This must prove that I do care about outward appearances a lot! (how hypocritical heh)

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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