Of Swear Words, Fisherman’s Friend and Basically Nothing Else

歌手:王力宏 专辑:盖世英雄







My daily routine nowadays comprises:
– Waking up and going to school, all while being very sleepy or very awake (and with the feeling that school’s painful)
– Going to school rather dazedly (I mean I have no choice considering my parents’ occupations, do I?)
– Thinking about where I want to sit, either alone (i.e. completely beside no one) or with more entertaining people like Kun Won woohoo (today was the best I tell you)
– COMPETING WITH ALAN OVER WHOSE BREAKFAST IS BETTER (and I ALWAYS win hehe thanks to his lousy floss buns)
– Watching, observing and learning, not entirely restricted to lesson curriculum, that might be why I sit at the back
– Doing the wrong homework during the wrong periods, and I never get caught nowadays! (the most just a “How daring” from LSJ ~ Nil Sine Labore after he realises that I HAVE OWNED HIS WORKSHEET ANSWERS ALREADY AT HOME)
– Forgetting something (homework or stuff)
– Receiving disappointing results and gloating over them instead of getting depressed
– Getting depressed over the fact that I’m gloating over something I should be depressed about
– Going home early supposedly with a lot of work to do, possibly alone (when I’m alone, I like listening to the song above and pondering over nothing that you should be concerned about)
– Turning on the computer and checking email, that would usually mean an 8-12 hour stretch of computer usage, though I may not be at the terminal for 100% of the time)
– Falling sleep in the afternoon
– Waking up and telling myself I need to start work at/by 12 am
– Getting on ISC and feeling more depressed (I should estrange myself from interpersonal relations, srsly)
– Blog surfing and opening/closing comment windows without actually commenting
– Watching random TV programs that catch my interest (rather, which distract me from what I’m thinking about)
– Thinking of blogging but repeatedly closing the Blogger: V23: Venturez’ 06 :: Create Post page
– Playing something supposedly to relieve this “depression”, ranges from Solitaire to the more sinful Warcraft III (exams in 3 weeks time!!! HAHAHAHAHA)
– Listening to music after everyone’s gone offline and feeling temporarily soothed by the tunes (it’s always temporary sadly)
– Doing a little bit of work to appease my own soul (and what I mean by little is perhaps 1 sub-question for Geography)
– Feeling tired and sleeping at 2-3

Interesting how I can say all this after only the 2nd day of term 4. At least, this is what has happened for the past two days, and I daresay it’ll happen for a few more weeks.

I logged on MSN at 2 pm (and it kept me online for the rest of the night), and miraculously I decided to move my mouse to click ‘Exit’ accidentally at 11+. How stupid, especially when the night was still so young.

Now I am idling on ISC and Something Wonderfully Horrible is telling me that I should start Geography before Option 3: Get Out Of The Class comes into effect. Maybe I should adopt Option 2: For those who Really Have No Time, and You Shouldn’t (says in hushed tone) I dunno why arh (rolls eyes)… do in point form. Technically though I am a Very Free Person, therefore I should be taking Option 1.

Today (rather yesterday) I have been a Bad Boy, spouting Unwanted and Rude Vulgarities all over the place (classroom and in online conversations). I suppose it has irritated some people who appear to be (Bacterially) Cultured Hwa Chong Gentlemen, and is reflective of myself being a Uneducated Socially Disruptive Delinquent. Sorry to those who have continually, in turn, spammed me with “…”s and “wth”s after I have spammed them with my Absolutely Foul Language. Perhaps this is an avenue for me to vent my frustrations in the most amiable method possible (Controlled and purposefully selected words are more potent than uncontrolled and unserious words any time).

No guarantee that I’ll blog before JGCC Mini, so I’ll express my Confirm-Last-Position Sentiment here again before I end off. Maybe I won’t even go if n(Homework)/n(Time) > 1. It all depends on how my routine changes =D.

UPDATE: MSN works now clearly due to my Resilience. Clearly I embody J-TIGER even though I’m a failed Hwa Chong Gentleman.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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