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I don’t know. In such a short span of time, so many incidents have occurred and I seriously don’t think I will be able to leave adequate space to each incident. However, I would like to dedicate a portion of this blog post (in fact a large portion) to someone I have always valued as a friend, that is Zi Peng. No description of the happening will be provided here, and I don’t think I will be able to communicate it across objectively, so don’t ask.

Before I start though I hope all will take this as my personal opinion and not begrudge anyone over this (especially me! =D).

To let a little out from some past blog posts, the fundamental reason (I realise now) why I have always disliked absolute classifications of people (for example selfish, immature, introverted, dishonest etc.) is the fact that they bring a complete “branding” to a person. Not that such adjectives are totally useless in describing people, but these “brands” tend to ignore the possibility of change and reform, instead focusing on a complete characterisation of a person that might not be wholesomely complete. This is why I have always preferred to go down to the baseline “needs” approach, where almost every action of a person can be classified as a desire (and these underlying desires are usually unchangeable, if you get what I mean). From this approach, we can then steer a person’s attitude and behaviour based on how he interprets these needs.

In a similar spirit, I urge all readers cum Scrabble players of this blog to accept Zi Peng’s sincere apology posted on his blog.

One key objective of meting out punishment is to encourage reform (i.e change for the better). Although some forms of punishment can be jarring and difficult to accept, but all punishments have to fulfill this basic requirement, or else they would be deemed as failures. Applying this concept back into reality (and as I have commented on his blog), what I would very much love to see is a “marked change for the better” in terms of personality. Zi Peng is not “absolutely” (I use this word in reference to “absolute” two paragraphs up) dishonest, furthermore he has expressed his utmost regret at his own actions. He is willing to change, as long as on our part, we are willing to accept his change.

Of course, it is not in my discretion to deny the wrong that Zi Peng has committed. Every Scrabble player should have a tacit acceptance of the innate responsibilities that come with the game, and indeed this violation of the rules should be punished in some way or another. What I am really asking for now, is for the community to accept him back not as the “offender”, but as the person who can and will be changed. I strongly believe that if we choose the proper route out of this issue and are able to bring him back to the Scrabble community as a reformed person, we ourselves would attain a higher level of satisfaction. I won’t suggest any ways out though as I wish to maintain a clean standpoint.

I would also like to note that like many of us, Zi Peng started playing Scrabble for the love of the game and perhaps the people around it. No matter what he has done, this passion for the game deserves the deepest respect from each and everyone of us. We are all Scrabble players (I’m assuming I’m reaching out to the right community), and I think all of us desire a minimum amount of respect as a friend and a fellow player. What I hope as an observer/ reader is that this love for the game is not corrupted just by one incident that, honestly, does not prove much. What would be the most painful consequence to me would be the possibility of him leaving his “Scrabble Career”. He’s always felt a sense of attachment to this community (if you want evidence, the very fact that he chooses to blog about it is because he is concerned about his relations with the gang), and the very least we could do is to facilitate reacceptance into it.

Once again, I hope you think through my plea carefully. Zi Peng is not merely a mechanical Scrabble player, he is a human being; a friend – someone with emotions and feelings, and someone, who certainly can, be changed. Believe in this, and it will happen.

That’s about all I have to say about that incident. Praying for the best.

On to other issues, had my Chemistry test today and I guess I’ll do relatively well. Might have lost a few marks but I think those were unavoidable. Oh well, I guess I have to await the results to see if there is indeed a corelation between studying and results =p.

I’ve been reading blogs for the past week, and truthfully speaking I have quite a lot to say about most of them. Decided though that sometimes it is not worth saying anything (though I imply a lot through my blog posts… this one has a few embedded messages already), especially since it is difficult to be fully objective. Just going to wait for things to play out.

A little disappointed with my performance at JG Mini, but who cares when I made the best out of it? As I have commented before, nothing in this world is perfect. Most things will never ever be perfect, no matter how hard we try to change it. Instead of being a perfectionist, why not appreciate the imperfect? Then you will have perfect satisfaction =).

EDIT: Crap spelling errors. What on earth is wrong with me..

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06.

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