Posting for the sake of posting? MAYBE…

An absurdly organised collection of thoughts meant to fill this space up, perhaps (and TWENTY thoughts too, what a nice number, 20 which is 100 divided by 5!) –

1. This is my 100th post on this darned boring (yawn when reading it, better than falling asleep) blog – congratulate me on this nonachievement!
2. If I sleep right now, this might be the earliest or second earliest time I’ve slept this week. Afternoon naps are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I’m getting my mother worried unduly.
3. I read chat logs with great interest. Chat logs from long ago – sometimes they become a timely reminder of the incongruence between reality and fantasy. And nope, not all chat logs are mine. I am more intrigued by other logs =p.
4. Psychology? For what? For who? Nah, I’m gonna take my parents’ suggested route and attempt to be a person of “value”.
5. Results have been rather pleasing thus far (and somehow this has raised hopes for many teachers…). Hope the yo-yo effect doesn’t come into play for the EOYs.
6. Maturity is probably the abtrusest concept I’ve encountered. Thankfully I’m far away from “that” stage =).
7. With reference to point one, I was thinking on how I would want to write my 100th post. Turns out that it ends up like some junk.
8. Comparing linguistic standards, I suck! Totally incoherent too……
9. There’s also a problem with layman definitions… but that isn’t important unless it comes down to guessing.
10. VC hike? Jumbletime? JC Curriculum? Or just nothing?
11. Oh no considering I’ve taken about 20+ (maybe 30) minutes to type this, this will probably not be the latest I’ve slept this week. Maybe I shall shock the world by sleeping at 7 tomorrow.
12. Nothing? GOOD! (Is my blog the hardest to comprehend? Nah, considering my inferior linguistic ability, I can never get THOSE words right…)
13. Can’t blame me right? I don’t read…..
14. Deceptively misleading
15. Absolute redundancy
16. There are times where you have complete respect for another, and yet sometimes you just feel like laying the smack-down (WWE lingo – and John Cena WWE Champ! Great!) on the same person. Why can’t people (like WWE champions) be more consistent?
17. Seriously, too much to think about. Better off spending my time mugging.
18. The paradox of indivuality. (and I just changed my desktop theme)
19. What the hell can I write for an essay with the theme “Endgame”?
20. I agree, testimonial’s a bitch.

Maybe you could try guessing what each point is talking about (some are right in your face but the rest….. HAHAHA). Good night everyone.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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