Lala it is early now and I shall go have an early rest, to hopefully wake up early tomorrow =D! Hopefully no one knows or remembers the misdeed I committed last morning…

I shall do a holiday schedule, or to-do-list even before my exams are over. Must use my time properly. Grr.

I like those songs which don’t appear nice the first time I listen to them, but then turn catchy upon repeated playing. And mandarin, most of the time.

Oh, forgot to put the signature for my previous post. Argh.

WYSC? Still waiting for a reply from parents but I bet it’ll be 80% yes.

My stomach is starting to hurt from the concoction of Pokka Lemon Tea + Peach Tea. Eugh.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06. (Word Verification: UTIFXN that’s a nice 6 letter when anagrammed)

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