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Sleeping soon, I promise!

OK, I know I have weird sleeping habits. I’m sorry, BUT I HAVE FINISHED SOME GEOG FINALLY MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Time for SPA Skill 4. One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

Of Swear Words, Fisherman’s Friend and Basically Nothing Else

歌曲:花田错 歌手:王力宏 专辑:盖世英雄 那不是彻夜等候你为我点的烛火不过是一次邂逅红楼那一场梦我的山水全部退色像被大雨洗过 杯中景色鬼魅我忘了我是谁心情就像夜凉如水手里握着蝴蝶杯单飞不归不醉 花田里犯了错说好破晓前忘掉花田里犯了错拥抱变成了煎熬花田里犯了错犯错…像迷恋镜花水月的无聊花田里犯了错请原谅我多情的打扰 醉怎么会喝醉美因为你的美爱匆匆一瞥不过点缀飞看大雪纷飞却再也找不回被白雪覆盖那些青翠 当时空成为拥有你唯一条件我….又醉琥珀色的月结成了霜的泪我会记得这段岁月 我的山水全部退了色多情的打扰请原谅我不是彻夜为我点的火(在那花田在那花田)在那花田里我犯了错 My daily routine nowadays comprises:– Waking up and going to school, all while being very sleepy or very awake (and with the feeling that school’s painful)– Going to school rather dazedly (I mean I have no choice considering my parents’ occupations, do I?)– Thinking about where […]

You know, I wouldn’t want to follow in his footsteps. Because there’s no meaning that can be properly defined, seriously. Yet I can’t bring myself to think of how meaningless this whole drive actually is or else the day would come where I would indeed take his route. I need to set a year for […]


After today’s conversation that has kept me up so late (ok I’m lying, I don’t know what keeps me up actually, perhaps IT IS THIS BLOG OH NOES I SHOULD GET IT CLOSED): 1. I respect secrecy, but don’t endorse it (even on a personal scale, I will try to be as open as possible). […]


Not that I always do such tests (NOW THIS TITLE IS TYPICAL OF A BLOGGER), but this test is rather cool (and simple). A very… unapt title for me, but still the characteristics sorta coincide.(Deleted the comic + used the code + random editions to increase readability) My score on The Quick & Painless […]

I was just taking a glance at the “Previous Posts” section of my blog and I realised Previous Posts Absolutely no offence The problem with causes and language of uncertainty Pissed Eugh KA-BOOM! Your resident easy opponent – catch me tomorrow! Half-left down everybody OHO PCME Interview tomorrow HahaHeheHohoho Irregular Sleeping Hours You see, this […]

Absolutely no offence

Something I received on MSN: If you haven’t heard already, Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter that you see all the time on TV) died today on the 4th of September, on the Batt Reef, pierced by a stingray barb throught his heart near Cairns. As a sign of respect for the Australian cultural icon, please […]