Breaking out of the line

When you hear others’ criticisms leveled at you, you reflect and think if you’ve really committed the mistakes. From a possibly different angle, especially if the comment seems to come from an unexplored perspective. Right now, I’ve heard a lot about myself. Some of which I have accepted, and some of which I still cannot condone.

With regards to the one I just heard, I don’t think I have done whatever you have accused me of doing. If you’re still living in that era where you think respect and sensitivity means the world to you, I urge you to grow up. What’s the use of the face value (except the age-old tradition of caring for someone else’s feelings, actually to hell with that) when deep down the sentiments can be (and usually are) similar?

Look beyond the words, the actions and the faces. Break your own rules to understand other rules. See maturity as an interpretation and not YOUR interpretation. In short, break out of your line.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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