Batch dinner – thoughts from the critic (never really thought about them though lol)

Not meant to offend! I really hope no one misreads anything here, though it’s kinda easy to. As the prophet said.. “Stop misunderstanding, start asking” (wows in absolute awe)

1. Somewhere else, maybe? A tad too expensive for the food (cold dish is always incredible), maybe… (don’t tell me it’s the tie)
2. Wasteful people, why so much grandeur in terms of location/ attire when (for those who love to dress up exceptionally well when going out with girls, not me, hint hint) there are no girls?!
3. Given our behaviour I think the “real” casual would have been more suited. People should know what they are wearing.
4. Interesting to see how people (possibly, probably) richer than me don’t know enough about table manners (I don’t possess much etiquette myself).
5. Also nice to note the extent of separation between the GE and non GE classes, especially in terms of humour.
6. Either show appreciation for none or show appreciation for all. Why show others that you only like/ care for your/ your consortium’ class video(s)?
7. Too impressed by foreign standards to understand the local standard of emceeing/ hosting (including games, performances etc…)

I’m spoiling the mood of the graduation night. Well, didn’t cry or console anyone who was tearing/ crying (except maybe asking Melvin if he needed more tissue, not counted =p), as I am a Cold Faced Killer (=O, ok that’s some nickname of some pool player.. forgot who). Not much detachment for me here, neither from Scouts nor from the people in my class/ batch (Only from teachers but um.. you cry for your teachers? Just another insensitive comment from the tactless). Had lots and lots of fun tonight though.

Yeah, dress so well, impress people including those who value physical appearance over personality (I mean, ANYONE can be friendly nowadays), then end up meeting all the wrong people and treasuring the wrong things. Then start angsting over it (hey MSN Messenger is a great avenue don’t you realise) and blaming people (of course do it indirectly so that people have to think and suspect), while it was your fault in the first place not to realise that looking moderately good is enough to filter out the worthy from the unworthy. OK doesn’t sound logical enough, but I think it does =). Classic example of 自相矛盾, the previous sentence.

Personally, I’d have either preferred a just-meal-no-game dinner, or a meal-then-party (oh yeah techno) dinner. Liked the videos, well done all (so few class videos though!). Great job Organising Team.

Thinking of how to develop the line analogy (a wee bit revealed last post?). Next post, maybe. Have an overdue tourney report which I don’t feel like doing =D. Heck, don’t do then don’t do lah, horrible play anyway.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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