JGCC Practice

My mistake again. Shouldn’t have (almost) forgotten. Sorry.

Went for JG Practice today, and played 4 games – Jason, Dorai, and 2 against Andy. Lucked out in two, and nubbed out in the other two. I phony too much (especially wrt stems and 4 letter words). I challenge too much too =D. Gave Andy 20 points worth of challenges, two each game (one of them a 4 letter word). And this is the first time I’ve recorded most of my racks (except against Jason.) Shan’t be so selfish and share my phonies (except one super =$ that I’ll only tell some who ask), what’s played and what I see.

Game 1: Jason
I start off with TOOTED keeping E or something. He consistently outscores me for the first few turns, peaking with ADROITER for 72. I am demoralised (and unsure of my words, as usual) and play BU(R)K (faintly remembering an E hook, but don’t know any other like A) to K5. Dangerous but I needed to open, BAUK would be the better scoring option though. He parallels M(O)Y/KY and I luck out with DEALERS for 105.

Later he fishes around with NY at M13 (ISC notation, opening JEST for 63 for me) and I open another triple line for myself (as I’m unsure of YET another 4 letter word). I then luck out again and play INFAMES there for 103.

Endgame a little scary, both of us hold blanks and he opens R at N1. With a rack of ?ACLNOT, I COULD have made it 600. Too bad I forget the anagram of CONTRAIL (go lex it yourself you people, but I bet you all can remember) and just play CORN to block off any attempt. His last rack yields no playable bingo, though I see one of them.

Tracking was not so bad except that I had to do some rechecking. Always something wrong towards the end.

Final score: 515 to 328 (something around there, maybe I didn’t add remaining tiles and his challenge), win.

Game 2: The most intimidating middle aged player (said it himself!), Dorai (noo no threats please)
He starts this time, and outscores me for the first 2 turns. My racks are quite poor, ABILNPQ (and he plays JIG to start so i QIBLA for 16), then drawing double I (dumping with FINI for 13). Can’t blame my luck for next two turns because I forget to hook the S to QIBLAS (didn’t know it’d score 40+, but no excuse). Later I luck out with ROTATES 73, hooked to JIG. Draw RULIEST immediately and play it down for 80, LUSTIER scored the same and was more closed.

Draw the blank and can’t find a playable bingo (lucky none). Score for one turn before playing SURNAME/ITS at O8, SURFMEN was better but being the lousy player that I am, missed. Luck out with a double D as he changes and score 48 next turn, missing better plays. (CDDEGOT, played COD when even ECOD was rated higher. TOGED or CODED would have made it.)

Am lucky to draw AIST and phony next turn with KABA*/GAD (probably mixed with CABA or CABAZON or something, I TOLD YOU ALL I SUCK), not challenged though. Draw the blank and well, ?EGINST. Play ZESTING (要潇洒一点…) which surprisingly is the best move! Ends up I didn’t draw all the tiles (or he didn’t) and there’s some confusion towards the end. Quickly scram to make way for his “next better player” =p.

Final score: Not so sure, but I estimate its around 517 to 331, win. Tracking was good until last part where I was running out of time.

Went for dinner in high spirits and was gonna stay with Andy (he only managed to play 1 game before dinner!) to play a few more games.

Game 3: Andy

Start with ABDENNU, UNBEND is rated highest but I play BANNED, scores more (UNBEND should win I guess). The rest of the game is rather mediocre for me, considering my 4 letter phony (PALA*, this may be the second time I’ve played/thought of playing it. I believe I wrote it on a scoresheet and checked after the game but didn’t remember.) I miss a very “English” bingo and well, at least I learn its anagram (seriously, this is too embarrassing. niao-ing myself by doing a report.).

My INERTIAS (see I only play lousy things) exposes the triple line. He plays SAUcIER then FLAWIESt immediately after. I challenge his FLAWIESt, it’s too far back in my memory for me to remember. Anyway, if it came with FLAtWISE I think I wouldn’t have given it the challenge =p. Later he opens AMOEBA and I know the 3 back hooks: ENS. Chicken out of the N hook when I play TINNY later.. or actually forgot to notice again. (Quackle rates NY for 30, keeping INRTT higher than TINNY for 27 keeping RT. And Quackle ignores the bag, positional play and openness/ closedness EXCEPT for the first move. INRTT really that good?)

I challenge GYMP (seen before, challenged before, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME). Later play DORK instead of VOLK (wasn’t sure if it was VOLK or VOLKE, turns out to be the first and I SAW IT A FEW DAYS BEFORE). He opens GANEV for me luckily, and I manage to reach 310.

Final score: 316 to 432, lose.

Game 4: Andy

I bet I lost this because I wrote game 2 instead of 4. OK kidding =@.

Played quite badly for this one, including missing obvious things like PEBA (I was thinking of PEMBINA and my rack was PEMBINA – M + G, what is wrong with me) and playing GIP. He starts with PLONG, which I’m not sure of but still don’t challenge (ANOTHER faint image in my brain, probably from admin’s games, his 5 letters > mine any day). My rack is DEGKLSU and I’ve learnt this rack before, but still am unsure of it, choosing to play PUKED instead (and missing the hooks of PLONG cos I don’t dare hook anything in fear that its a phony =p). He follows with HOUR, which makes me suspect he is opening the triple line for himself. Geez, I even missed BLAGS and played SLAG instead to the triple. Then comes the famous PEMBINA – M + G, after he does a 9 letter which I challenge straightaway (it’s good, LIDOCAINE gosh).

Am able to QANAT later to the trip (luckily) and he follows with tORCHER, seen before so no challenge. By this time (doing game analysis) I realise I really suck not to even have considered playing PLONGS. Missed more stuff… oVERBETS for one and BREVETs (to PLONGs, I MIGHT have found it if I had considered PLONGS). So, played VERB to fish (scored though). Later I phony a stem word (most embarrassing people, I thought ENROOTS had an anagram and played it with an S on a double double, getting challenged off). EfTSOON was the right move (somewhere else), saw TESTOON first before Andy saw fESTOON and we both realised EFTSOON is the best. Miss even more easy stuff like OuTSHONE on the next turn thru the H (running low on time because I spend like 5 minutes on stem moves that I can’t find), and play easy stemmy things. Well I am terrible on blanks.

I have absolutely no idea why I played the next few moves, was losing by about 50. Later play JIVED for 48 (a stroke of luck) and after a while, he plays WHERES/ZEST which I challenge (seen before seen before, but desperate =@). He wins because of that as my rack is BDIIFO. I play OF/ZO/IF for 29, BIFID dumped more but wasn’t worth it. I missed BIFID anyway =D.

Final score: 385 to 433, lose.

In general:
– So what if I can play decent (+DE = DECEDENT, damn I feel like sharing knowledge with the world) bingos? I need to learn my stems and short words so as to avoid becoming the 笑柄 of the WYSC players. 3 letter words quite firm liao (besides those S ones), 4 letters still VERY shaky (aka FIRMLESS =p, played by tribute against admin). 8 letter stems are non existent (EXIGENT, missed by ramoert against zanjero last night) (besides 3-5). Hehe I’m telling you all how much I DO study in terms of stems and high prob (close to none).
– Unsure of so many words. If I played with sureness, I’d have gotten KLUDGES (I thought KUDGELS for a while, PERHAPS because I thought KUDGELS too when I was testing myself). I wouldn’t have stupidly opened BURK (though it paid off). At the same time though, being unsure helps me avoid phonies (APHONY APHONIA APHONIES). Was EXTREMELY unsure of things like BIPHASE* (I’ve gotten it before, not played it before and checked before, so it’s a no-no… DIPHASE/APHIDES instead), so didn’t play it.
– Tracking has improved, but I need to stop wasting time on STEMMY RACKS WHERE I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING. I think I’m better at obscure racks without blanks =p. No blanks let me win Jason by quite a bit, and could have been 600 (highest game too) had I not missed CILANTRO (these are the kind of things that GH tells me, and I forget immediately). Played crappily against Andy for the last few moves of game 3 cos I thought I was running low on time. (I usually leave myself 3 minutes for endgames at least, so when it was 10 minutes after the 5th move I kinda panicked) Spent too much time thinking of a good balanced move for AEENOSV, and in the end still didn’t play the best move.

Now, I’ve probably given you the 101 on How To Beat Weibin At Scrabble (and will probably need the …—…), though it’s quite easy actually. Who cares anyway, I want to have fun at WYSC, regardless of whether I win or lose =D. SO OWN ME ALL YOU PEOPLE (especially the person on my finger 7 hehehe)

Venture activity was fun and kind of inspirational (read UJ’s blog for more details, too tired to write anything after I spammed so much about Scrabble). “It starts now.” Yeah, it does.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06.

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