Now I hope Firefox doesn’t die out on me… or else I won’t bother to retype this. I am in the midst of observing games on ISC… Sean against Vern Sern… interesting.

Got to JG at 4+, and saw only 5 other players there (including Andy who was reentering the room) – Andy, Ms. Ong, Yen Nee, Peter and Serene. Probably because of the rain and exams. Waited for Yen Nee and Peter to finish their hot game, then started one. Was intending to do some report for the games, but err deleted the first part after I found myself lazy to do the next 3 games. Won 3 of 4 though.

Just expect me to miss lots and lots of stuff at WYSC. Missing TENDRIL (IRL) and TATTERED (on ISC) is bad enough. But misses still allow you to win =D.

One for all, All for one, Venturez ’06

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