Cold and hotheaded. I spoil moods so easily with my own bad temper, and disappoint those who are genuinely concerned so often. And I’m supposed to say sorry, but could I have done better? Don’t think so.

Am damn demoralised now, like what the hell la. Should have gone home before dinner…

I cannot imagine cramming that many words into my head, perfecting my endgame, or finding good bingos with two blanks. Screw off.

If only everything could be so simple….

Just damn tired. So damn tired of it all.

Come on ask me “what happened?” and I’ll probably ask you to screw off too. Maybe you can try comforting me and I’ll withhold a LOL in your face.

Going back into video gaming (I suppose PS2) for a while. Need a break from everything.

Meanwhile, sorry for being unable to say sorry.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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