Bits and pieces of updates

Hard luck for Sunday, laddie. Hope I sink down as far as I can, not on purpose of course.

Yeah. Whatever. Troop Camp, here I come! Thought I’d have lost the spirit for the camp in the Scrabble furor (I MEAN ITS CAUSEWAY RIGHT) but it appears that the exact opposite has happened! Probably nothing can beat the excitement of intermale night activities planning cool events!

You like sweets? I’m starting to hate them now. No matter how sweet they may be, they can’t treat you well. Both the body and the mind.

Well, except the mango gummies I have at home. They taste like drugs. Mango Gummies > San Zha > Raisin Bread, I love my odd diet.

Somehow, I am incredibly stupid or something! OK maybe this isn’t THAT new…

With my parents overseas, I’ve been doing some things more often:
1) Drinking apple juice (I think I can do a litre a day)
2) Going out to play pool (Nah I still suck at it so there)
3) Ill-treating my bolster with WWE maneuvers on my parents’ bed (I like those high risk/ impact moves which involves a possibility of breaking my own neck. Now, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME)
4) Playing WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth on the PS2 (ok that’s a few years old) and owning opponents in less than a minute (yeah fine only did that today, might switch to Marvel vs Capcom 2 or some racing game when I’m tired of winning… no wait I’ll win with Marvel vs Capcom 2 too… so maybe Dynasty Warriors 3 Hard Difficulty)
5) Archery – Some scouts “instructor” course, I wanna learn darts sometime soon! (OK not like I’ll have so much money to fund all possible hobbies, looking at how lazy I feel now)

I haven’t played LAN for a while though! I am such a disciplined boy.

Now! Do I sound cheerful? I sure hope I do! But am I cheerful? Maybe that’s for you to decipher!

I guess it’s time to sleep! Never mind a bit of TV..

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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