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Just posted a pretty retarded post on the class blog, with an unintended revelation that I was actually reading philo stuff! Eek (actually I didn’t even get down to reading anything)! Anyway I won’t remove it cos the photo of LKY there on the Wikipedia entry is a little altered. Anyway the class blog has […]

Sometime in life, you will realise that there is little rationale in conformity. And that anti-conformism in many ways, is a conformity in itself. You’ll see that everybody is a hypocrite, so there’s little use in that word. You’ll note that people can make their own choices, and it’s not up to you to help […]

does the act of abstaining from caps when typing a blog post entail a laid back attitude? then in such blog posts, if there is the SUDDEN USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS, does it mean enthusiasm from out of nowhere? what is controversy anyway? One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06 (I like the Word […]

I have close-to-zero respect for the Faculty system in my school (and that may explain why I am blogging at this hour). So there. One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

Letter of explanation to avid blog readers

Dear esteemed blog-readers, I have a few reasons why I’m not blogging that frequently:1) Nothing much to blog about, JC school life is pretty monotonous. (really! boooooooooring boooooooring boooooooooooooooring)2) Too lazy to write long entries about how everybody sucks and I’m THE BEST OF THEM ALL. (somewhat along those lines…) Everyone thinks they’re right most […]




Figured that I should post something so that:1. People wouldn’t think the blog is closed2. People know I’m alive (=O=O=O SIME ROAD)3. People wouldn’t be scared off by my first post visible on this blog So.. what else better to post on than JC Orientation (rather, the first two days of JC life)? A boring […]