Figured that I should post something so that:
1. People wouldn’t think the blog is closed
2. People know I’m alive (=O=O=O SIME ROAD)
3. People wouldn’t be scared off by my first post visible on this blog

So.. what else better to post on than JC Orientation (rather, the first two days of JC life)? A boring person like me has to wait pretty long for something like this to pop up…… so here it goes!

Was pretty bored (yes a boring person can get bored too) by the activities on the first + 1st half of second day. Wasn’t feeling enthusiastic at all, and was reminding myself never to get brainwashed by the relentless spurrings of the College Council (like I got “brainwashed” during the High School days). I mean, doing a dunno-how-many-year-old mass dance routine? The way they attempted to encourage us also turned me off (like telling us how the dance was “irresistable”). I wasn’t looking forward to the second day at all.

The start of the second day was a little less interesting than I had expected. Had wanted our principal to talk about things BESIDES the school motto/mission etc. It was a short powerpoint after all, but the talk was more than an hour long. Was falling asleep for bits of it.

Then came the curriculum talks. A little more engaging at least, and I had a good laugh at China Studies in English (shh I didn’t say that). Escaped to LT5 to pen down the subject combination, only to change it a little later during the recess break (for everyone’s info: Literature Econs KI Math, all H2, at least for the first few weeks). Came back much later for the PE/CCA briefing. (I still have no idea what I’m going to join…)

Lunch was back at the High School! Though pretty much no one from my future class CT Group (wth does this mean anyway) went there, still enjoyed the time with the peeps.

Activities after lunch were surprisingly entertaining. Enjoyed most of it (was thinking of taking the MAP/MOP/AMC entrance test and skipping it), besides the screwups in the dance (erhem erhem). Song session was quite nice as usual, I find the songs okay-ish. Cheer session was good besides the exclusion of the Boom (Joshua owns all) Shake Shake Shake The Room cheer (tomorrow then).

Had quite a bit of fun playing the station games. Pretty good that no one was really complaining about getting dirty though it probably took a while for them to get used to it. (Heh, not everyone’s a scout, and even if you are one, only a selective few get to go at least knee-deep and at most torso-deep into mud =D) Generally, anything that doesn’t cause internal or external bleeding (or worse) shouldn’t be frowned upon that badly, haha.

Overall though, I think it’s a commendable effort put in by the College Council. Though that’s not going to make me join it 😉 (hah even if I want to I probably can’t make it)

I like this overarching false ego. It keeps me sane.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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