Letter of explanation to avid blog readers

Dear esteemed blog-readers,

I have a few reasons why I’m not blogging that frequently:
1) Nothing much to blog about, JC school life is pretty monotonous. (really! boooooooooring boooooooring boooooooooooooooring)
2) Too lazy to write long entries about how everybody sucks and I’m THE BEST OF THEM ALL. (somewhat along those lines…) Everyone thinks they’re right most of the time anyway, and does what seems best. The discrepancy that leads to conflict is the issue of perception, or in other cases irrationality (which is why “most of the time” is bolded). Irrationality is sometimes a euphemism of stupidity. Or poor economic decision-making.
3) I will NOT spend time lamenting how I wish there were more intellectuals in my class. (ok pretty elitist but that’s irrelevant) I’ll wait to see how many of them can write stunningly logical (not only fully logical in terms of content, but also appropriate tonally) essays INSTEAD of just inserting words that I don’t know (OK a limited vocabulary is no indicator of a flawed logic) into a load of baloney. (and getting high marks for it) I figure these two years may be pretty rubbishy…
4) I feel like talking in anagrams, though I’ve been disconnected pretty much from Scrabble nowadays
5) I want to blog about understandable happenings, like orientation, CCA etc, but since they don’t warrant a blog entry I can only blog about the un-understandable happenings (like playing pool and DDR). I suppose that would a waste of my time too.
6) STRESS STRESS PEER PRESSURE (don’t see how this is related to the lack of blog posts but who cares)

NOW, maybe this counts as a blog entry.

The King of the World (?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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