Monthly Archives: February 2007

Taken from a blog, regarding Scrabble: (Title: A Vision for the Future) “It’s been a long-standing question of our game and our community, why is it not more popular. We play a game that pretty much everyone has heard of, that millions play at home, and take it to various levels, from the social player […]


About the faculty dance and Dramafeste… (refers to entries on Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 06, Feb 11) Shall just copy some excerpts from blog entries to clarify what I’ve been talking about. From a friend’s blog (this is the EDITED post, not the original one which was supposedly more offensive): “ARES KEBABA. All along […]

Assortment of thoughts

Everyone has a lot to learn. And I’ve got a lot to learn too, have to do quite a few things before I go to school tomorrow! (including squeezing in some hours of sleep, considering I’ve just been sleeping on the sofa accidentally these few days [which means I have had more than adequate sleep]) […]


Rationality is probably the worst assumption people can make. Unless it involves rational stupidity. Open-mindedness, possibly, is the least common virtue. I’m not sure if I’m being trusted. At least I’m eliciting the wrong kinds of reactions, reactions that I’d need to tell me I’m trustworthy. Help. Am I that unbelievable? Or am I just […]

Econs test tomorrow! First test of the year and I’m not looking forward to it, considering how the questions (or rather, the style of questions) will be unpredictable. Didn’t get to prepare much anyway because of the tourney (hah it’s always worth going for a tourney). I still find the birthday thing pretty irrational, but […]