Econs test tomorrow! First test of the year and I’m not looking forward to it, considering how the questions (or rather, the style of questions) will be unpredictable. Didn’t get to prepare much anyway because of the tourney (hah it’s always worth going for a tourney).

I still find the birthday thing pretty irrational, but following the norm in JC-hood, I should succumb to peer pressure and celebrate my own with my classmates! Nah just kidding…. but now the effect of peer pressure in a coed environment is getting more and more obvious, especially with all the faculty things.

Hopefully I can stay above 1800 for one more tourney. Didn’t play cool stuff this time at JG, but got a good average of >2 bingos a game (compared to the Millennium Cup, 31 makes it slightly below 2 a game), with I guess a slightly above average draw (lazy to calculate as of now). Could have won 3/4 more if I’d played carefully, so I guess I need to slow down a little. But that’d mean I’d meet Hubert in the last round =S. MAY be posting reports if I find the time to.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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