Assortment of thoughts

Everyone has a lot to learn. And I’ve got a lot to learn too, have to do quite a few things before I go to school tomorrow! (including squeezing in some hours of sleep, considering I’ve just been sleeping on the sofa accidentally these few days [which means I have had more than adequate sleep]) I have poor time management.

Cross Country tomorrow will decidedly be a walk in the park. How readers choose to interprete that though….. is up to them 🙂 (why do people think (: is cuter than :). Is it because it’s supposedly tougher to type?).

Now the perfect thing to do is to get out a board/card game and start playing it. A pity I only have those more popular ones like Monopoly and Chess =(. Take 6? Hah.

Maybe the greatest disadvantage of home schooling is the lack of exposure to external social pressures, looking at how much it is influencing everyone (including myself) now. To think about it, I wouldn’t do half the things I’m doing if I wasn’t under such societal conventions…. talk about morals -.-

Yes, I usually read long entries on philosophy and how someone should lead life with disdain and some amusement, but who knows? I guess people would be reading MY entries with exactly the same thoughts running through their minds. Everyone has a lot to learn, yeah.

Perhaps it was never a good idea to put peers on a pedestal and regard them as role models. At this age, no one’s that perfect anyway… I’ll look back a few years later and see.

Heh, paragraphed dividing the different subjects.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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