About the faculty dance and Dramafeste…

(refers to entries on Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 06, Feb 11)

Shall just copy some excerpts from blog entries to clarify what I’ve been talking about.

From a friend’s blog (this is the EDITED post, not the original one which was supposedly more offensive):


All along it was always ARES vs APOLLO. But Apollo lost because they couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do. Most of them didn’t take off their jackets, some did, etc etc.”

And the reply to that in a comment:

“You’ve won, that’s alright because you deserved to win. But I don’t see the need to insult Apollo by calling the faculty a “Faculty of Delusion”. When Apollo people dance their fac dance, it does not mean that oh they would win/have won. Are you trying to say that ONLY Ares people deserve to dance their fac dance after the entire thing just because they won?”

From another friend’s blog:

“So overconfident Apollo didn’t win the Faculty Dance competition. I think trouncing Apollo provided half the satisfaction of winning the dance competition. I mean Ares did show the “i have jackets so i will win” Apollo (especially those HP ones (except u darrell coz you’re too nice and i love ur hair)) that gimmicks won’t work! GAHH! And as Sharon said, “Everyone was hoping Ares would win Apollo.””

From the same blog:

“Ares did well at Apollofeste Dramafeste, clinching much awards but still lagging in third place behind Apollo and Artemis. NVM we still have lanternmaking (A11 PIG!) and bannerpainting (A11 PIGSSS!) to hope for. And of course fac dance.”

Maybe you’d understand what I’d mean. Not that I have anything against the bloggers/ commenters on the blogs, because they are just elucidating the thoughts running through the minds of the student population. Thoughts that don’t really get posted on all blogs (I spent quite a bit of time searching class blogs for more things to paste) but still feature strongly in students’ minds.

Perhaps this is one (note, one) of the reasons why I dislike the faculty system so much. It just reveals the ugly side of Man…

(to get more specific even though specification wasn’t intended/ shouldn’t be included) So maybe before you get overconfident and say you can win AND lose with pride, just go around and read blog posts/ converse with other people, then question yourself again. Can you win and lose with pride? I don’t think I can, yet.

EDIT: Happy CNY everyone!

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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