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Quiz 2

This screenshot is from an ISC game between myself and judeobinna on ISC. Again, don’t assume my play is the best, because it sucked. Find the best play, and reply in comment. One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

LBH Cup 2007 – More stuff

Uploaded more pictures of LBH, they’re all available here:Competitors from all divisionsHenry and TonyWinners from the Raffles family, is GC doing a Tony imitation with the earphones?Tournament regulars, GH and Yen Nee didn’t play thoughEven more (perhaps boring) pictures of the competitorsRight.Now this is the new cool.This? New cool? LOL (warning: potentially offensive)Top 5 Division […]

LBH Cup 2007

Am taking a break off work (and I will need to study for a possible test tomorrow) right now – hence I’m posting some stuff. This is about LBH – will upload more photos (of prize winners, etc) later. Looked through some of them and realised SOME were quite blur. Maybe that’s because the prize […]


This screenshot is from an ISC game between merlion and I, my turn – try not to look at what I played before trying to find the answer. (And of course don’t assume my play IS the best play, it probably isn’t) Find the best play (I think it is impossible to win). Reply in […]

Observing TWL games on ISC

Here are two reasons why you should watch TWL98 games on ISC: 1) Level of Conversation – click on the photos for the full view (warning: potentially mature comment, and BTW, DEODATE* in TWL) 2) Words played (even if lexed, they’re awesome.. this is Clabbers, btw) I’ll provide the example to why SOWPODS games shouldn’t […]

Some positions to consider

Posting some positions here – was analysing a game against Kian Boon with Quackle’s simulator. Though this blog is not read that often hopefully players who read could comment.. The first position I’d like to talk about is (using 2-ply) this one below… previous move is LATENCY. (Click on the photo to see the full […]

Everything’s so funny nowadays

Hey all! It’s been a long time since I blogged, for 3 reasons: one, I’ve been busy with Scouts and Scrabble and whatnot (including pool and lots of it, lol); two, I wanted to keep the important post on the blog (it’s a serious idea, think about it!), and third, for the pure lack of […]