Everything’s so funny nowadays

Hey all! It’s been a long time since I blogged, for 3 reasons: one, I’ve been busy with Scouts and Scrabble and whatnot (including pool and lots of it, lol); two, I wanted to keep the important post on the blog (it’s a serious idea, think about it!), and third, for the pure lack of things to blog about. And the lack of reason to blog.

To think about it these days, lots of blogs are getting more boring to me. Not referring to the blogs on the Scrabble scene, they’re just getting less and less updated nowadays… I’m talking about classmates/ former classmates’ blogs. Perhaps it’s my disinterest in school life that’s getting to me, I’d consider myself as one of the more disconnected persons in class. Or perhaps they’re just getting more boring – maybe they’re getting hormonal imbalances after entering JC, or are just overwhelmed by peer pressure (so for instance you notice 5 blog posts about YAWP).

Just finished organising a First Class Hike for the junior scouts, and they’ve screwed up pretty badly (at least at my side).

And I’ve just read something funny on someone’s finger – “I play tennis and guitar, not at the same time” (I have a weird sense of humour)

I’ll be marking the hike logs over the next two weeks (should start today)… and I’ll continue to be disconnected from the class (who says going for YAWP necessarily equals to appreciation for the performers there?)… I’ll do what I like – organising things (for scouts and scrabble and whatever), playing things… who ever said blending in was normalcy.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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