Some positions to consider

Posting some positions here – was analysing a game against Kian Boon with Quackle’s simulator. Though this blog is not read that often hopefully players who read could comment..

The first position I’d like to talk about is (using 2-ply) this one below… previous move is LATENCY. (Click on the photo to see the full photo on another address)

1) Why is BIDS better than IBIS, given that the opponent will probably play a high-scoring move right after it? Is it because of the CIS leave?
2) Why is BID slightly better than IBIS? Is a leave of CISS much better than CDS?

I’m aware that J6 is a potential danger spot, but I wouldn’t regard it as dangerous as the triple lines. (more so H1 because of parallel play)

Second position is here, and my move is to change 6 (keeping E). It didn’t feature on Speedy Player but as I added it into the simulation, it got a few places up. Previous move is change 6. (Click on the photo to see the full photo on another address)

Questions I’d like to ask are
1) Why is WIG (the first one) rated so highly? Though you’re keeping the T, isn’t there the danger that your opponent has the T/blank? How about the leave?
2) Why is my move rated so lowly, especially with 2 blanks in the bag? Is opening up the score margin that important when the bingos aren’t laid down yet?
3) Why is WIFE below WIG and TWIG?
4) How can WIG (second WIG) be even considered?

A question – what would you play as a starting move given the rack AEIIOTT? (without blank, of course) I’ve asked some people this question already. Please consider which position you’re going to play the move at.. I’m not revealing the simulation results here as of yet, please tell me what you think.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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