LBH Cup 2007

Am taking a break off work (and I will need to study for a possible test tomorrow) right now – hence I’m posting some stuff. This is about LBH – will upload more photos (of prize winners, etc) later. Looked through some of them and realised SOME were quite blur. Maybe that’s because the prize winners walked too fast for me to catch them =p. (ahem ahem Andy, I didn’t even manage to catch you)

Would just like to highlight two moves that were selected by the people who stayed a bit later to play a “consensus” game (Tony, Ricky, Henry, Andy, Alpha, GH, KB and I).

(click on the picture to see the full screenshot)

This is from the move where we decided on VITAL. Apparently there are over 300k iterations done for this (2 ply) – I fell asleep while simulating. HOUT was in front when I was still awake (I guess up till about 2k or 3k iterations) but apparently VITAL proves supreme – perhaps the score is too impressive. And maybe it keeps the board more controlled compared to HOUT. Or HUI for that matter – which could guarantee a scoring move from the opponent the next turn. May consider doing more plies for this move.

Less iterations done for this – 2 ply. As expected, BROWNY wins by a lot. As unexpected, WRY is not second, it’s even behind COWRY (which I have to disagree with). BROWN is fine because of two possible scoring spots for the Y but I still like BROWNY the most. See little rationale for compromising the leave with WRY though – it’s too much of a gamble to take.

BTW, CALIF was definitely better than FILING. Just forgot about the EGIN leave, and the openness. Didn’t expect to get slapped with GEROPI(G)a though, who’d expect that?

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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