LBH Cup 2007 – More stuff

Uploaded more pictures of LBH, they’re all available here:
Competitors from all divisions
Henry and Tony
Winners from the Raffles family, is GC doing a Tony imitation with the earphones?
Tournament regulars, GH and Yen Nee didn’t play though
Even more (perhaps boring) pictures of the competitors
Now this is the new cool.
This? New cool? LOL (warning: potentially offensive)
Top 5 Division A winners, Guo Cong looks like he wants me to take his place =p

Didn’t include pictures of individual competitors receiving their prize – if you need it, ask me. Don’t have all though because some of you walked too quickly =p.

I notice the main problem with our secondary school division is that the word flexibility of each player is too limited – people usually don’t play common English words like PAINT and DIVINE – they don’t see it, and would rather play the 2-4 letter short words. Fishing is too common also, but they don’t notice that their board is too closed to bingo.

Will try to rectify this problem in some new players if I go to SIG tomorrow (EDIT: Next week). Anyway, I’m still very sure that Alpha’s prodigies won’t make it up much faster than I did. I’ll challenge Alpha to try proving me wrong =D (though I did have 2-3 years of prior irregular tourney experience with on and off seasons).. I’ll even help him with training, heh.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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