Monthly Archives: April 2007

The most useless fence ever

This is somewhere close to Bishan. I wonder, why on earth are such fences built?! They have barbed wire, but serve absolutely no purpose except for well forcing people who want to walk across the field to take a U turn. I think the best thing to do is to assume that it’s partially cut […]

Plot to become the Next Best Player never to have played in a WSC – a fantasie

(N.B. Almost zero of the following information is true, hence this post is not to be taken seriously) Scheming Toh Weibin has a brilliant plan. This plan is secret but it will be posted here since this blog is so under-read. So no one, absolutely NO Scrabble players, will know about it :). Aim: To […]

Went for Toa Payoh and JG Practice, and I lost my last 3 games (out of 3 played over the 2 days) – this probably shows that I’m not exactly worthy of the 1800 range. One thing I tend to note is that many Scrabble players are overly humble – they ascribe too much praise […]

Update – May not even go for Singapore Open now – what is the world coming to?! In other words, all hail Collins (now I have more time on my hands!) One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

School "Scrabble" Competition

Went to the library to take part in some “Scrabble” competition today – I use Scrabble with the inverted commas because they used the Longman Dictionary, not SOWPODS or Collins or anything (I’d have preferred TWL, hell). Got lots and lots of my stuff challenged off (well played them anyway, because I was confident of […]


My policy now is to actually get good at SOWPODS before moving on to Collins (many local players aren’t even GOOD at SOWPODS but they want to try CSD thinking that it will give them a huge advantage, to which I say fat hope). But we all know that is impossible (for me and my […]

Past few weeks have been hellish, with camps/hikes over the weekends. I’ve taken the day off (with a legit reason, sore throat and flu) to reorganise stuff and get myself back on track with school and everything (i.e. work). Was both unhappy and happy to miss the JG Mini – unhappy because I rarely miss […]


I think to get better at the game, I just need more time. 1 year, 2 years. Anything. Meanwhile, studies have been going okay-ish, not too bad and not too good. But I expect more of myself especially since I expect less of almost everyone else (hint hint ego ego). I guess I’m just underperforming, […]

Quackle Simulation – Quiz 2

Back from a camp – shall post up here before I go rest or something. Ran the move simulation twice (once on 2 ply, once on many ply) and got about the same results. The results are uploaded here (2 ply) and here (many ply). OI was a move that I added in (I actually […]