Quackle Simulation – Quiz 2

Back from a camp – shall post up here before I go rest or something.

Ran the move simulation twice (once on 2 ply, once on many ply) and got about the same results. The results are uploaded here (2 ply) and here (many ply). OI was a move that I added in (I actually played something close to that in the game, only much worse in rack leave) and it actually did quite well… but I’m not exactly sure why though. AIDOS does seem better to me than OI or DISA mostly based on the probability of your opponent having the last E. It is quite likely that my opponent would have another E (methinks) since he threw one for 20 points with the Y as a possible (in fact quite likely?) 2-tile fish. Most of the bingos possible on this board are 7-letter bingos, most of them require the E. Hence blocking a 7 letter bingo would certainly be more wise in my opinion (Hence AIDOS over ADIOS/ DISA/ OI, personal opinion only).

The merit of DISA though, I surmise, is the fact that it blocks off almost all possible 8 letter bingos to the S (leaving SENSORIA, SOLANINE and SOLARISE). Scores OK enough to stop the opponent from catching up too quickly, but it keeps more rubbish compared to AIDOS and ADIOS (even if 5/14 vowels in bag, still not worth keeping 3 vowels?). OI wasn’t that bad, I thought, because it gave a definite block-all move the next turn, something along the lines of (ER)A/AIS/(DAB)S. But then again, if I were to block all bingo lines and draw the Q (and get the Q spot blocked without drawing an S for a possible WALERS or AGUES), I’d be screwed.

Flaws in reasoning? Please point them out.. Thanks for the responses anyway.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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