I think to get better at the game, I just need more time. 1 year, 2 years. Anything.

Meanwhile, studies have been going okay-ish, not too bad and not too good. But I expect more of myself especially since I expect less of almost everyone else (hint hint ego ego). I guess I’m just underperforming, especially since I don’t enjoy school as much as I did. Have become less and less of a socialite (well I never was one to begin with) because I kinda hate school and it bores me to death (in comparison with other pursuits). It’s great to have friends who know this though (that most of your life is centred outside school), so they don’t exactly blame you for being antisocial etc. (like going home right after lessons end, lol)

And well, I don’t really care if only a few friends know about this, because I’m not bothered by the number of people who actually think I’m a nice person. JC life is only a transient 2 years, and looking at the seniors that I have, as one goes to NS/ University one’s life changes drastically especially in terms of social circle. Not that I don’t value any of my friends now, I just think that some friends will be more “valuable” in the long term, if I were to be so crude/ simplistic/ superficial. (and I don’t judge value by how much they’re worth to me, I’m just using the word loosely) Then again, I may not be looking at the right seniors, since HP presents a different social strata altogether (and I’m looking at my scout seniors/ siblings, who mostly study in science classes and are mainstream, if I were to be so elitist), so I may be stuck with the same social circle for the rest of my life, who knows?

Went for a Scout camp last weekend, and going for a hike this week (spanning the entire Good Friday long weekend, hence not going to Hubert’s house or JG Mini). This is tough work…

When Collins sets in, all hell will break loose? Am not even confident of getting an NM title now..

(BTW, I’ve always wondered. Is one usually bad at something because he detests it, or does he detest that thing because he is bad at it?)

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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