Past few weeks have been hellish, with camps/hikes over the weekends. I’ve taken the day off (with a legit reason, sore throat and flu) to reorganise stuff and get myself back on track with school and everything (i.e. work).

Was both unhappy and happy to miss the JG Mini – unhappy because I rarely miss tournaments (and I failed the hike I was going on, so kinda wasted my last SOWPODS chance to get NM), and happy because from the results, I thought it was quite uneventful. A Division wins (and averages) seem to be pretty balanced, and it shows quite a lot about the evenness in terms of playing standard among the players. B Div results also quite balanced, but I think tile distribution and consistency made the difference in this one. Meanwhile, congrats to Jobeth on her long-overdue M title! Hopefully the year will bring in more rating points for all ;).

Now I wonder, if I had gone for the mini, I may have saved Marcus from losing rating (and possibly lost rating myself), and saved Ismail from his devastating performance.

On a sidenote, JG Practices will now be with Collins? That’s an idea to behold… though I haven’t done much at all so these 4-5 weeks will be essential (compared to many others who have probably done stems, bingos, whatever).

Time for 2 pictures:

RI SIG’s objectives
A bit of ego.. (then again, this may prove that my rating hasn’t stabilized)

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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