My policy now is to actually get good at SOWPODS before moving on to Collins (many local players aren’t even GOOD at SOWPODS but they want to try CSD thinking that it will give them a huge advantage, to which I say fat hope). But we all know that is impossible (for me and my current standard, at least) by SG Open. Collins will then become an absolute NECESSITY and by then, I guess the Collins standards would have evened out (and THEN it’d boil down to SOWPODS again =D). If I don’t catch up in time, the Collins standards would even out SAVE myself, which would lead to an eventual drop in ratings.

Hence I must (“must” meaning my attempt to persuade myself, not a definite concerted effort) start on the dictionary. It is quite likely, however, that the Laziness and the Fantasy Quotients will take charge and cause me to learn more almost-unplayable SOWPODS words instead of focusing on getting my NM title. (considering that Nigel is coming and I *MAY* get to play him, although possibly later since I definitely doubt I’d be 3rd or 4th [maybe 12th or 15th, which would mean almost no chance of playing him], I wouldn’t lose that much rating…)

I should raise my Pragmatic Quotient. The new 3-4 letter words (like NADS, BOF, FEG even WOF) are going to massacre me, and forget about the 5s. I’ll find it difficult to deviate from the simple 7s-8s as well, like what on earth SANTERA?!?!

Maybe I’ll just walk into SG Open with a SOWPODS knowledge. Challenge all the new Collins words that I haven’t seen before, and from there start learning Collins. I mean, that’s how I learnt last year, if I could trace back to the minis. Played badly, challenged things I didn’t know (which included LUZ), won some fluke games and eventually tournaments. Perhaps I can still manage to break top 10 if I’m lucky. Then break the top 5 for Nationals, if that’s not a long shot.

Then again, even if I did Collins, I may not even break the top 5 (Nigel books the top spot I would think, then Pakorn if he’s coming/ Hubert/ JP/ Ben/ Marlon/ Tony/ GC/ Henry/ Alpha/ Andy/ Cheah/ Ricky/ etc etc etc). Geez! I wouldn’t even be in the top 10!

A new beginning, yes, but it’s certainly a new TOUGH beginning. Tough in capital, bolded letters. Goodness me.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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