School "Scrabble" Competition

Went to the library to take part in some “Scrabble” competition today – I use Scrabble with the inverted commas because they used the Longman Dictionary, not SOWPODS or Collins or anything (I’d have preferred TWL, hell). Got lots and lots of my stuff challenged off (well played them anyway, because I was confident of preserving my small lead) and won by about 50+ with no bingos, no blanks and an unfinished game (opponent just lost confidence).

Have advised the library admin on which is the right dictionary to use – and may bring Lexpert to school on Friday for the finals (apparently 2-3 games of 1v1 action). People like Ying Jie and Ming Wei to watch out for (and to really watch out for since Ming Wei whacked the hell out of me in SOWPODS today right after my game, albeit with some luck), though they think I am going to win. Hmm. Top prize is a 50 dollars Borders voucher with no entry fee, so I guess I’m in for some fun ;).

In other news, Math Test was horrible.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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