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Suppose you had the starting rack shown above. The first instinct would be to bingo something that:1) was the highest score possible2) didn’t expose any DLS3) left rubbish tiles open for double double/ TWS bingos4) blocked the H1/H15 TLS Right. So you’d probably opt for a 62 point bingo that satisfied all 4 of these […]

SG Open Results

Used to be 11th in Singapore and 4th kid in Singapore – now I’m 13th in Singapore and the 5th kid (or 5th and 6th if you count Andy) even without playing a single rated game! The number of games won are pretty close again, this is an indication that the standards of Singaporean players […]

Off from an extremely busy week – did lots of work for the production (set building, LIGHTS AND SOUNDS), and went off for a survival night from Saturday to Sunday (which wasn’t that productive due to ill preparation)… I have much to catch up on. Meanwhile, time on ISC has been rather fruitful with almost […]

On challenge rules and so on

Wouldn’t really post anything on any discussion threads now (since I am after all a Lowly Underaged Youth Member) about this, but for tournament play, I strongly feel that a 5 point challenge rule is the best (unless there are any other possibilities that may rattle me off my ground, since I am only considering […]


Got on this scheme which pays you for reading advertisements sent by email – not a bad deal considering you can technically open the advertisement window and switch to another tab (which is NOT what I do but just a thought). Basically, it shares advertising profits with the people who read them, as long as […]

I always have an inclination towards titling my blog (NOW A WORD! =O) post “Updates” because there aren’t many other suitable titles for the posts (which are mainly updates about life). Any suggestions? Like “Lifestyle” or “Weibin kicks the bucket” or “Joshua Pwns Weibin’s Ass”… On to other stuff. HDB Practices on Fridays have been […]


Wasn’t feeling exceptionally good yesterday (or two days ago) because it was highly unproductive and partly braindead (especially after marathon Scrabble). Was also concerned for my physical test results today (or yesterday). I feel much better today (or yesterday), and there are many possible causes for this –1. Knowledge that the economics test is not […]