Wasn’t feeling exceptionally good yesterday (or two days ago) because it was highly unproductive and partly braindead (especially after marathon Scrabble). Was also concerned for my physical test results today (or yesterday).

I feel much better today (or yesterday), and there are many possible causes for this –
1. Knowledge that the economics test is not tomorrow (or today), but Friday
2. Reading ~10 chapters for Pride and Prejudice (even though it’s still not as much as I’d wanted)
3. Not screwing up the KI Essay Plan presentation that badly even with minimal effort expanded
4. An afternoon nap mmm (hah how many of you can get that, JC students!)
5. Satisfactory number of pullups, hence a minimally satisfactory grade for NAPHFA or however you spell the award
6. Getting the impression that I Must Socialise With More People Or Risk “Getting Despised” (this is what Singaporean JC students call ostracism, get used to it) At The End
7. And hearing from my friends that point number 6 is highly improbable though in the end, Socialising And Expanding My Social Circle will inevitably Happen
8. Staying awake and hence outlasting almost everyone from my contact list (save from those who either live at night or love high electricity bills)

Proof (pardon the groupings on my contact list, they are not updated at all)


9. Finally remembering to print out the Preliminary Ideas for Project Work after forgetting to do so for two days (including the holiday, three days)
10. Being in an absolute state of workaholicism* at 3 am in the morning, I don’t feel like sleeping but I know tomorrow I will feel like dying if I don’t sleep so I shall go sleep in the next fifteen minutes or else I will be more braindead than I ever was and if I do not stop this sentence I will sound incoherent at 3 am which is not the case since I remember that I need to print my Preliminary Ideas before I sleep

Today (or yesterday) is (or was) a productive day.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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