I always have an inclination towards titling my blog (NOW A WORD! =O) post “Updates” because there aren’t many other suitable titles for the posts (which are mainly updates about life).

Any suggestions? Like “Lifestyle” or “Weibin kicks the bucket” or “Joshua Pwns Weibin’s Ass”…

On to other stuff. HDB Practices on Fridays have been cancelled for the month – i.e. my Fridays are mostly freed up (thankfully I had commitments for the last week and have commitments this week). As for Saturdays, I can usually play only 2-4 games because I usually have some stuff on Saturday afternoon. Anyone keen to organise practices somewhere else?

JG yesterday was pretty uneventful with few people coming (and almost everyone leaving after dinner). Got to play Jobeth once and GH once, getting pretty lucky for both and winning (I’m lucky everytime I win). Thong’s free Scrabble class was empty – I guess not everyone is willing to commit to the game (and Alpha, you may want to ask your SIG people to come)?

Actually I feel pretty thankful for what Thong is doing for the Scrabble scene. Not playing in a tournament for 3 years because of his commitment to building the scene/ organising tournaments, and waiting weekly (sometimes alone) for students to come… certainly worthy of much respect.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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