Got on this scheme which pays you for reading advertisements sent by email – not a bad deal considering you can technically open the advertisement window and switch to another tab (which is NOT what I do but just a thought).

Basically, it shares advertising profits with the people who read them, as long as you open the advertisement for 1 minute on your web browser. People get credits for well, reading emails, and referring other people to join the scheme.

I’d think the market is still pretty youthful as of now, but thinking economically, as the market develops, each email read would give less and less profit to each person (because the profit would be shared by even more people). Only way this can be rectified is via increased advertisements, which MAY NOT be likely.

But hell, it’s still worth joining in my opinion. I think the advertisement traffic would go up soon anyway.

To join, simply click on one of the banners included with this message! Try it!

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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