SG Open Results

Used to be 11th in Singapore and 4th kid in Singapore – now I’m 13th in Singapore and the 5th kid (or 5th and 6th if you count Andy) even without playing a single rated game!

The number of games won are pretty close again, this is an indication that the standards of Singaporean players are indeed pulling close together….. (With a bit of ego, I struggle to say that I’d have made the number of games won per player more imbalanced, but then again I fail to say which direction it’d be imbalanced in =D)

Never mind, I expect myself to be around 10th seeded at the Nationals, which bodes pretty well for my rating. Though I’m pretty unsure of beating those above me… but I hope this gives me a much better chance for an increase the next round.

I guess in terms of standards, I’m hanging in there – saw some things people missed, and missed some things people saw…. blahblahblahblah *says something that means I suq*

Will try not to miss any more tournaments (unless I have those camps on again) – gotta get back into top 10 (if I can)! As of now, I don’t even know how good people are… -.-

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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