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Basically wasted my whole day today – woke up, played a bit of Scrabble, went to play pool (for 6 hours), went home and played more Scrabble. But I guess this falls under post block test celebrations. Rejoice, people! (except Kun Won, maybe) On a side note, am wondering – is it possible to earn […]

Am free tomorrow (no school, block tests are over for me at least), and willing to travel – are there any practices available? Or any houses open for practice? If enough people are free, I may organise an impromptu “mini” like the last few, but I highly doubt so… One for all, All for one, […]

Right. So today to get my computer up and running it restarted about 5 times: 1st time: Monitor/Keyboard/Probably mouse don’t seem to be responding2nd time: Similar3rd time: Keyboard not working*unplugs and plugs keyboard*4th time: Restarts on its own after ISC, email and Windows Messenger have loaded5th time: Finally works properly (OK, maybe it restarted one […]

Update from handphone

This is a trial update to Blogger from my handphone – one of the cool new features of Blogger. I am using an email client for Singtel users which is not fully developed, hence as of now I cannot upload pictures or so using the phone. It cannot even paragraph properly – still much room […]

Mandatory Update To Keep This Blog From Closing Down

Downloaded and listened to the audio interviews from the WYSC website after GH told me about hearing Robert Chung speak – eventually decided to download all, and they turned out pretty cool (In particular I enjoyed the Robert Chung and Mohammed Zafar ones, because they were pretty amusing). Strikes me (as a general comment, not […]


Today is a bad day. No reports from me, and some censorship =D. Results after game 713.06.2007 Someone’s House Mini 2 — DIV A Rank Player Wins Mar————————————–1 Tony Sim 7 4032 Cheah Siu Hean 5 3733 Hubert Wee 4 3374 Lee Guan Hui 3 -465 Marcus Goh 3 -2636 Lim Li Wei 2 -12 […]

Practice Session

NOTE: Updated with the last 2 games! Got to JG at about 3+ and went on to play a few games. I’m keen on analysing them (to see if I’ve improved) so here goes. Game 1 vs Hubert A pretty smooth sailing game – hit the top move most of the time (8/12, where two […]

Second Mini

Right, so this should be simpler than informing everybody personally. There will be an unrated informal mini at my place this Wednesday (13th of June). Time will be from 11.30 to 6, spanning 6 games (I can extend it to 7 games if everyone is agreeable). There should be food (probably light snacks) but please […]

Mini Report

Was itching for practice after watching the Singapore Open – thus I invited people to come to my house to play ~6 games (like a mini). Turned out pretty fun and “productive” (in the sense that all the 6 games were completed). Only regret is that I didn’t invite enough people (especially adults) – there […]