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Basically wasted my whole day today – woke up, played a bit of Scrabble, went to play pool (for 6 hours), went home and played more Scrabble. But I guess this falls under post block test celebrations. Rejoice, people! (except Kun Won, maybe) On a side note, am wondering – is it possible to earn […]

Am free tomorrow (no school, block tests are over for me at least), and willing to travel – are there any practices available? Or any houses open for practice? If enough people are free, I may organise an impromptu “mini” like the last few, but I highly doubt so… One for all, All for one, […]

Right. So today to get my computer up and running it restarted about 5 times: 1st time: Monitor/Keyboard/Probably mouse don’t seem to be responding2nd time: Similar3rd time: Keyboard not working*unplugs and plugs keyboard*4th time: Restarts on its own after ISC, email and Windows Messenger have loaded5th time: Finally works properly (OK, maybe it restarted one […]

Update from handphone

This is a trial update to Blogger from my handphone – one of the cool new features of Blogger. I am using an email client for Singtel users which is not fully developed, hence as of now I cannot upload pictures or so using the phone. It cannot even paragraph properly – still much room […]

Mandatory Update To Keep This Blog From Closing Down

Downloaded and listened to the audio interviews from the WYSC website after GH told me about hearing Robert Chung speak – eventually decided to download all, and they turned out pretty cool (In particular I enjoyed the Robert Chung and Mohammed Zafar ones, because they were pretty amusing). Strikes me (as a general comment, not […]


Today is a bad day. No reports from me, and some censorship =D. Results after game 713.06.2007 Someone’s House Mini 2 — DIV A Rank Player Wins Mar————————————–1 Tony Sim 7 4032 Cheah Siu Hean 5 3733 Hubert Wee 4 3374 Lee Guan Hui 3 -465 Marcus Goh 3 -2636 Lim Li Wei 2 -12 […]

Practice Session

NOTE: Updated with the last 2 games! Got to JG at about 3+ and went on to play a few games. I’m keen on analysing them (to see if I’ve improved) so here goes. Game 1 vs Hubert A pretty smooth sailing game – hit the top move most of the time (8/12, where two […]