Practice Session

NOTE: Updated with the last 2 games!

Got to JG at about 3+ and went on to play a few games. I’m keen on analysing them (to see if I’ve improved) so here goes.

Game 1 vs Hubert

A pretty smooth sailing game – hit the top move most of the time (8/12, where two are because of a suboptimal bingo choice, and the other two because of words I forgot). Only regret is spending too much time on the bingos and having to play quickly for the rest of the game. He starts with DUE, which appears pretty fishy, and I play FIN, getting rewarded with the blank. He then hooks FIN with SOLO, which opens up for CrEE(L)ING (70). He closes up the gap with (C)OUCH (39) and I change, drawing the other blank. He scores decently with OXIME (53) two turns later and I counter with SILURo(I)D (70). By this time, I am down to about 13 minutes on his clock while he is about 5-7 minutes ahead of me. I am leading by about 60.

The lead is cut down later when he plays RAWNESS for 69, taking the lead. Almost miss ZA (67) a few turns later but am lucky to find GOAT(H)ERD (65). Challenge the new PREM% (22+5) the next turn but by then the game is sealed.

Win 434-387, Bingos 3-1 Blanks 2-0

Game 2 vs Marcus

Another fun game for me. He starts with BOP (14) and I get SENARII (66) a turn later. I open up the gap with good scoring – UNM(I)XT (69+5), VIOLD (27), FAY (35), FL(I)NGERS (74) and DECAY (33) to make the scoreline 325-158. He changes 4 and I change 6 (my decision to change appears to be an amateur mistake) – and he draws both blanks, hitting me with (R)OAdSiDE. I fail to block the TWS and get punished promptly with JAZY (69). At this point of time, I’m leading by 57 and hold ILNORRU. Feeling a little cheeky, I fish off the R for 3 points because I see there is about a 1/3 chance of me drawing a bingo, and down FLOURING goes a turn later for 66 (can’t say I wasn’t lucky though – it wasn’t a terribly good move). He tries an endgame fish for a bingo but doesn’t get the tiles he wants, and I win this game comfortably.

Win 482-368, Bingos 3-1 Blanks 0-2

Game 3 vs Kian Boon

This happens after dinner, and I am suffering the effects of post-“cooling”-cold-drink – getting fluish like symptoms and wasting packets of tissue. Kian Boon is here and he decides to play me (or is it I decide to play him?). Racks are mostly uninspiring and they get irritating – from a starting rack of ABEIIJU, playing BAJU and drawing IIII is probably one of the worst draws in my life. He gets down sWEEING (83+5), which I somehow haven’t seen before. Only times when there is something which REMOTEly looks like a bingo are the racks leading to REMOTEST (64). After that the racks just deteriorate – from IKLORTW to BDIKLRT to BDILLRT, BDIPRTY and DINPRTT. Meanwhile he gets TRiAZOL(E) for a whopping 114 and the game is long gone.

Lose 361-478, Bingos 1-2 Blanks 0-2

Game 4 vs Guan Hui

Am still under the fluish effect but manage to pull this one off, albeit with 2 phonies. Find the only bingo in my starting rack of ?AADGIT for 70, which is countered by ENACTION for 64 (which I almost challenge due to my rustiness in high probability words). Phony FLOWY* (36) later (genuinely thought FLOWIER was good), which is not challenged (thankfully, that rack was pretty much drek). 2 turns later, I play STUDIES/AGAToIDS* (77), making my second phony of the game which is also left unchallenged. He plays LOItERE(D) for 68, pulling him within 40 points of my score. POOJA (40) by me is met by IXIA (53) from him.

3 turns later I play CHIZ (43) at the wrong spot, forgetting that POOJA takes a H hook (would have scored about 50 more if I had found the right spot). Marcus points out that I have missed a spot, but there is still 1 H in the bag, and I don’t use it when I draw the next H (I consider it missed). By this time, he appears to be fishing heavily, and I build up a 80+ point lead which is cut down by his endgame BEP(R)AISE (63) – I thought there was an R in the bag available for SPEWIER (104) so I blocked it, but apparently there wasn’t.

Win 410-372, Bingos 2-3, Blanks 1-1

The last two games aren’t very well played, and I’m suspecting that I play worse after meals. Tracking also deteriorated as I mistracked both games after dinner.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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