Mandatory Update To Keep This Blog From Closing Down

Downloaded and listened to the audio interviews from the WYSC website after GH told me about hearing Robert Chung speak – eventually decided to download all, and they turned out pretty cool (In particular I enjoyed the Robert Chung and Mohammed Zafar ones, because they were pretty amusing).

Strikes me (as a general comment, not as a deduction from the audio files) how many Singaporeans, myself included (1) lack a sense of humour (2) can’t say the right things at the right time – if I happened to be the interviewer, I doubt I’d ask any Singaporeans for their opinions (perhaps apart from Cheah, who is Australian [champion] enough).

*burns Singaporean flag and prepares to migrate to the UK as a fugitive*

Good luck to all Scrabblers currently at Bangkok now, hope to see some nice words, good play and most importantly good results! (Any way to access the results?)

Need to study schoolwork. Have been spending way too much time on ISC. And for goodness sakes please update your blogs people (save the jumbleshots though, I’ve seen them too often), I’m trying hard enough. ggxxpr3p4r32g3tpwn3dz0r

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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