Basically wasted my whole day today – woke up, played a bit of Scrabble, went to play pool (for 6 hours), went home and played more Scrabble. But I guess this falls under post block test celebrations.

Rejoice, people! (except Kun Won, maybe)

On a side note, am wondering – is it possible to earn a living from Scrabble? I know there are people in the US who don’t *really* do much apart from Scrabble, but the tournament situation seems extremely volatile, and it’s almost impossible to win every tourney (and hence the money from prizes) – so I highly doubt that it’s possible now…

Was discussing this with my friends while playing pool, and I was saying that I had a much better chance of doing well in the international scene for Scrabble rather than pool (incidentally, I happen to be one of the better players in my class, but that doesn’t say anything). I wonder what my current world ranking would really be, the international ratings can really be unreliable…

Am missing JG Practice on Saturday and JG Mini on Sunday, though I will watch the mini (from the afternoon, I presume).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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