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Game Reports – Day 2

Game 9 vs Marcus Pretty straightforward game. Start with ?EEGILO of which I pick ObLIGEE instead of ELOGIEs in hope of drawing the nickel. Too bad I don’t get it – and he changes all his tiles. Am lucky to draw BEHNOST immediately which scores 84+5. From then on I dominate – once getting a […]

Game Reports – Day 1

Game 1 vs Victor Gwee An uninspiring game in general, which sets the pace for the racks that follow later. Start with ?BDGIOU and play GUB, incidentally the best move. Follow this up with a double-double DHOOtIE (95). From then on the game is mine, though on his 4th turn he plays dETAINE(R) for 60, […]

More Statistics – Nationals

Equity Losses Day 1Victor Gwee 18.7Guo Cong 41.9 (1 miss)Hubert 69.5 (1 phony accounts for 20 points)Victor Chua 91.4 (1 miss)Quek 90.6 (1 miss)Tony 86.9 (2 phonies account for 40 points)Jessie 52.7 (1 miss, 1 phony) Day 2 Marcus 8.3 (excluding endgame screwup, spent too much time and lost focus but was far ahead)Joshua 81.2 […]

Some Day 1 Statistics

Equity loss against (excluding obvious endgame screwups that would have been rectified with a bit more concentration) Victor Gwee 18.7Guo Cong 41.9Hubert 69.5Victor Chua 91.4Quek 90.6Tony 86.9Jessie 52.7 Missed bingos – 4Phonies (played by myself) – 3, 1 unchallengedPhonies (played by others) – 4, 1 unchallengedNumber of 5-points given to opponents for challenge – 4 […]

Nationals Day 1 Update

The application to update my blog screwed up, so I didn’t get to post “live” updates about Nationals. Did pretty badly, getting 4/8 wins. Had very bad luck, although I could have won one of the games (if I didn’t make THE bingo miss, though I didn’t go through that word in preparation for Nationals). […]

Psychology of changing 1/2 at the start

The point of this post is not to generalise that changing 1/2 at the start is necessarily bad – it’s quite a potent move sometimes. Assume you have a good rack that yields no bingos at the start – your rack is potentially fruitful as a 6+1 stem, but isn’t too common (not as common […]

Given the volatility of ratings now, a roto for the Nationals would be pretty awesome. As of now I can’t even predict who’d be in the top 5 for Division A and Division B. Too bad it’s too late to organise one! One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06


Let’s say you start with this rack.. what would you play? QI? KEX? Quite obviously KEX seems to be a good choice because it leaves QU on the same rack, which should be conducive to scoring on the next turn. QI on the other hand allows X a flexibility of vowels, but probably isn’t as […]

This week has gone pretty smoothly for me. It’s been pretty relaxed (after the blocks and the camps), and I hence have more time to concentrate on the Scrabble tournament. It’s one of the things I’ve been paying too little attention to, but not everything has gone wrong – the one area of major concern […]